8 Potential Crypto Airdrops

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Today we will talk about 8 potential crypto airdrops. Airdrops are one of the cooler things in crypto. Uniswap and ENS have been two of the biggest ones in the past couple of years giving their recipients $30-$40K at their peaks.

In today’s video we will breifly touch on 8 different platforms that could be gearing up for a potential airdrop on the coming months. Of course there are no guarantees but there are many reasons to believe that these platforms have a good chance of giving out some airdrops.

At the end of the video will be a bonus resource if you haven’t seen it yet where you can go and look for the next most likely potential crypto platforms to provide airdrops to their users.

Metamask –
OpenSea –
Rabbithole –
Zapper –
Defi Saver –
Sablier –
Super Fluid –
Hop Protocol –

Defi Llama’s Airdrop Page
TikTok –
Twitter ​-
Coinbase –
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0:00 – Intro
1:24 – Metamask
4:10 – Opensea
5:49 – Rabbithole
7:45 – Zapper
11:33 – Defi Saver
13:42 – Sablier Finance
15:18 – Super Fluid
16:31 – Hop Protocol
19:42 – More Potential Airdrops
20:26 – Outro


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