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Make sure to sign up for these airdrops before time runs out. In addition to covering how to get the most out of pre-registration for each of these Play And Earn games, I cover some ideas on what to do with it depending on your goals.

Four Gods:

Dark Eden M:

Crypto Ball Z (friend referral link):

0:00 Intro
1:08 Four Gods Airdrop
2:40 Four Gods Info
4:20 Dark Eden M Airdrop
5:03 Dark Eden M Info
6:50 Crypto Ball Z Airdrop
8:34 Crypto Ball Z Info
11:51 Not Financial Advice

Sponsor an ad-free video for $5 a month:

Kucoin exchange referral link (I use this for everything else):


Affiliate links & Dad Jokes
(I get paid if you buy stuff or laugh)

/————-/_____________ /——————/

My recording setup:
Action: N/A (almost gotcha!)
Recording Software:
Editing Software:
Green Screen:
Two Turn-Tables: Just Kidding! (There it is)

My Gaming Rig: (Keep in mind, I buy all of my PCs pre-built, in used condition from ebay and upgrade their parts when they fail, become obsolete, or I find a deal that is too good to pass up. For example, I bought this entire rig 3 years ago for $500 and only replaced the power supply, mouse, and SSD)
Monitor: (MSI Curved Screen)
Tower: (Raidmax Mid PC Case)
Processor: (i7-7700)
GPU: (MSI 1060 6GB)
RAM: (Crucial 16 GB DDR4 x2)
Keyboard: (Corsair K70)
Mouse: (Red Dragon M602)
Power Supply: (850W Gold)
SSD: (Crucial 1TB)


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The Daniel Droege Show
The Daniel Droege Show
1 month ago

Sorry for the audio problems. I recently picked up a mic arm to help record audio while playing and I only tested it while looking up at the camera. Unfortunately, when I start looking down at my monitor to read the screen, the mic stopped picking up my voice as tested. I tried to fix it as best as I could in editing, and it really sounds much better with headphones. I will keep working on improving my setup until it sounds better.

schicklas wubbel
schicklas wubbel
1 month ago

Did you leave discord ? Saw you this morning pre update, but was unable to write you 🤦

1 month ago

9:40 building got shot n it zooms the best way possible 😳

1 month ago

so many games launching, are you going to try all of em?

1 month ago

only youtuber, that I gladly turn off my ad block and let the ads play <3

1 month ago

Is it too late to claim these air drops?

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