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Alt Coin Chart Request Live Stream!

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Hope you enjoyed this Altcoin chart request live stream!

This video is sponsored by the one and only BingX, the complete social trading network where users can buy, sell, connect, and discover many trading opportunities across various markets.

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I personally use BingX because their fees are much cheaper than the rest of the exchanges in their weight class, plus it’s very quick and easy to start a trade once your funds are set up. They are also great for trades less than $250k in size. In addition, there is no KYC to setup.

BingX offers a generous platform for both spot traders and margin traders alike. Spot trading offers a wide variety of coins while leverage trading offers up to 150x on your positions. Funds can be separated into different sub-accounts to keep your leverage trading separate at all times. BinX also offers 11 standard contract accounts so you can hold in BTC, ETH, LINK, and even DOGE as you trade. BingX is also known to be a social platform that traders can connect with others to copy trade and interact with.

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Nsereko Nicholas
Nsereko Nicholas
6 days ago

We love Alot

Edwin B.
Edwin B.
6 days ago

New here.. Enjoyed your content.. Also following on Tweets… look forward to your info.. cheers!!…I get those cramps also…usually during the night… have to keep quiet to not wakeup gf.. lol

Viral Media
Viral Media
6 days ago

Thanks for the update Josh

6 days ago

the one true goonaah, good content as always

Swapnil Singh
Swapnil Singh
6 days ago

Thanks for the stream do it regularly every weekend thanks love u

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