Blockchain, Crypto and NFT's for Beginners with Benjamin Arunda

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In our series on making money in 2022 we speak to Author and Leading Conference Speaker Benjamin Arunda on The world of Blockchain technology, Cryptocurencies and Non Fungible Tokens. We separate the truth from the lies and seek to go as deep as possible for the uninitiated. Look at this video as a beginners guide to understanding this new world of Decentralized Finance and what it means for all industries. We dive into how someone can find their niche in this relatively nascent technology and build a fortune. This year we are all about securing the bag and therefore exploring all avenues to see where the opportunities are. We also delve into the dangers lurking in the shadows for this technology and its adapters. We go all the way back to the dot com bubble and how some made a fortune while others were left with nothing other than premium tears. How do you ensure that you are the former and not the latter? In this video, you will learn all you need to get started.


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