CoinGecko NFT: Claim With Your Candies

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In this video we will cover how you can claim an NFT with the candies you have collected on CoinGecko.

Once you redeem your candies on CoinGecko’s website you will be asked to fill out a short form (email and wallet address are asked for).

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Feel free to use a burner email, along with an alternate wallet (if you’d like).

After 48 hours you will then be able to claim your CoinGecko NFT. (Fees are covered by Project Galaxy.

Once the NFT is claimed you can see it on OpenSea. Mine was in the hidden tab.

Helpful Links:

👉 Redeem your candies HERE:

👉 Claim your CoinGecko NFT HERE:

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👉 Follow me on LBRY:$/invite/@SovereignMichael:6

Hope this video was helpful to you guys and I will talk to you in the next one!

If you didn’t have 600 candies… worries, they are fairly easy to collect.

Just sign up on CoinGecko’s website and you can collect them every 24 hours.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. These videos are my own opinions and represent what I am currently doing in the Cryptocurrency markets. Like any market, cryptocurrency markets contain risks.


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Eric Fisher
Eric Fisher
1 month ago

plrase know something before you make a presentation. Candies accumulate up to 100 if you press each day, you said 50 a day, you are a time waster.

Ibnu Ilyas
Ibnu Ilyas
1 month ago

When i can claim coingecko candy swag pack??

Saini navi
Saini navi
1 month ago

Price this NFT

Adis Čizmić
Adis Čizmić
1 month ago

Do these badges have any value?
Or they are just like indicators of finishing the tasks on Defi ?

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