Coinmarketcap X Solar (SXP) Learn and earn program with quiz answers

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Coinmarketcap X Solar (SXP) Learn Program

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💰Reward: 13.9 SXP [~20$] +50 diamonds (Random 5000 people)


1. First signup here:

2. Then Signup here: (KYC necessary)

3. Watch the videos:

4. Solve this quiz and fill the form:


Answers: [Confirm once]

Solar’s governance is set up as:
Ans: A fully decentralized autonomous organization (DAO)

What innovations will Solar support within its ecosystem?
Ans: All of the above

How are node operators chosen?
Ans: Based on votes by coin holders

What is the native coin of the Solar network?
Ans: SXP

What happens to transaction fees?
Ans: 90% of fees are burned. The remaining 10% is earned by node operators

How does Solar help to ensure a sustainable blockchain future?
Ans: Solar uses a highly energy-efficient consensus mechanism for its own blockchain and native coin.

Solar’s platform is
Ans: Open source on Github

What is a delegate?
Ans: A node operator, who secures the network by validating transactions and minting new blocks.


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Irvan Fauzi
Irvan Fauzi
1 month ago

When is the delivery?

Marcin M
Marcin M
1 month ago

most answers given on the Internet indicate that the answer to the last one is "all of the above".

1 month ago

thanks bro :)

1 month ago

Hello, I'm left with the last question: what is delegate? is all above or the first: node operator

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