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Coinviewcap ($CVC) Review NEXT 100 X CRYPTO GEM

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Martyn Wood
Martyn Wood
1 month ago

@PaulRodgerCraignard let’s go bro , nah 1000X bro 😎 let’s go

Paul Roger Caignard
Paul Roger Caignard
1 month ago

50X very soonπŸ™ #coinviewcap

Smith Buschman
Smith Buschman
1 month ago

I like Plan B and all, but let's go ahead and get something straight: Bitcoin will NOT reach 100K this year. Probably not even close. We've got two weeks in the year. I've been reading charts, including crypto charts for years. Likely, it will consolidate, and hopefully, tighten around this monthly moving average line it's settling on. It'll probably continue to trade in the 45K to MAAAYBEE the 55K range for these last few weeks of the year. I think it will probably break higher at some point next year. But 100 K this year? My current goal is 10 years and I'm very comfortable with that. Started investing in it 2years ago. Got into it through Mark k. Ronny Something that I believe should be legally sold here as it is in many advanced countries around the world. Dollar cost average. Buy the dip Hodl although I have been able to accumulate 19b TC in just November from implementing trades with tips and info from Mark k. Ronny

Martyn Wood
Martyn Wood
1 month ago

Yes bro 😎 cool hahaha 😝 your awesome great video buddy m tuning in blessed let’s go

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