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Are you looking for the next big project on the #polygon blockchain? In this video you will see a replay of a live conversation between the #PlanetMojo team and Colin Digits from Digits Club where they discuss the Planet Mojo project, team, NFT’s, tokenomics and more!

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00:00 Intro
01:00 Team Intro
04:00 Background
06:00 Blockchain adaption
07:00 Planet Mojo Game
09:30 Artwork
20:20 Game
23:00 Timeline
28:00 NFTs
33:00 Tokenomics
40:00 Advisors
45:00 Game roadmap
50:00 Community
57:00 Investor focus
1:00:00 Ending

From the Planet Mojo website:

The Game
Mojo Melee is Planet Mojo’s upcoming player vs. player (PvP) auto chess battler game, reimagined for the blockchain.

Players will have the ability to own their in-game playable 3D characters as NFT’s and compete in ongoing play-and-earn tournaments with crafted Battle Stone NFTs made in Biome (Land) play.

Over time, players will be able to take their customized teams into a suite of interconnected games and experiences set inside the Planet Mojoverse.

Discover a new world
Planet Mojo is made up of a variety of Clans living in different habitats. It’s been decades since the Ore Wars ended. As change sweeps over the planet, old rivalries are sparked and new bonds formed. The battle for the planet’s future hangs in the balance.

Meet the mojos
Mojos are coming, and these devilishly powerful plant creatures need your help. Very soon 9999 unique 3D game playable Mojos will be dropping as NFTs to our early adopters. Follow us on Twitter and Discord to learn more.

Play and earn
Planet Mojo is a blockchain gaming metaverse being built by veterans of LucasArts, EA, Activision, ILM and more. Players will compete with their customized teams in a suite of E-Sports PvP and Play&Earn games set inside a rich new alien planet. Our goal is to create a long term sustainable world and platform for the next generation of gamers, where they own their in-game assets and have a say in the future direction of the project.

It’s Your World
Planet Mojo will be a community driven experience, moving to full decentralization. Our early adopters will be rewarded with wonderful perks and early game access. Join us to build a new world together!

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that I am not a professional advisor in business areas involving finance, cryptocurrency, taxation, securities and commodities trading, or the practice of law. The information and content written, broadcasted, and/or disseminated by and through “Colin Dijs, Colin Digits, ItsDigits” is intended FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. Nothing written or discussed is intended to be construed, or relied upon, as investment, financial, legal, regulatory, accounting, tax or similar advice, nor should it be. All content expressed, created, and conveyed by “Colin Dijs, Colin Digits, ItsDigits” is premised upon subjective opinions pertaining to currently-existing facts readily available.


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Colin Digits
Colin Digits
1 month ago

I'd really appreciate it if you could take a moment to "like" this video and subscribe to my channel for more awesome content!

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Anuj Sabhlok
Anuj Sabhlok
1 month ago

Appreciate the content dude !!!

What do you think about the 25% (Team + Advisors).
And looking forward to see the TGE Dump!!!

Gabriel Grohmann
Gabriel Grohmann
1 month ago

very fascinating and exciting project. We should have a close look at that one in the digits club!

1 month ago


Biniam Daniel
Biniam Daniel
1 month ago

Great video and very interesting questions Collin 👍

andrea bertoni
andrea bertoni
1 month ago

I really liked the video and I appreciate so much the “full team” showing up.

I think I checked 30 times my phone if I got a new message 😂

1 month ago

You should atleast add there telegram channel in description

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