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EGLD Elrond | $1.29b Maiar DEX Launch, MEX Farming & Chart Update

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Finally the DEX (Exchange) Launched today, it affected the chart price of EGLD for sure, let’s take a look!
15:00 – Chart Update

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Mike Bezowski
Mike Bezowski
1 month ago

Can you do a tutorial of de farming with elrond on maiar

cookies me
cookies me
1 month ago

My Maiar dex swap rate EGLD-> USDC is only $265 while the market price is $340. Do you know why? 🥺

Sergei Topology PHD
Sergei Topology PHD
1 month ago

Told you about this Months ago. Thanks

Dominic Curtis
Dominic Curtis
1 month ago


WhalesOfWallStreet Channel
WhalesOfWallStreet Channel
1 month ago

What price did you first get EGLD at? Will you be utilising the new Maiar DEX? Let us know in the comments below!

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