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Grazing Range Pool#50— Welcoming GQ

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Dear alpacas,

We senior alpacas are happy to welcome our newest addition to the range — Outer Ring.

With this partnership, all you alpacas will be able to open leveraged yield farming positions up to 1.75x on Biswap’s GQ-BUSD pair, which currently yields ~126.46% APR in BSW Rewards! The pool will go live on May 12th, 2022 at 10 AM GMT.

As part of the Grazing Range program, you’ll also be able to earn $235k USD in GQ rewards by staking ALPACA in the governance vault, which will be distributed over 8 weeks.

Leveraged yield farmers in the GQ-BUSD pool will also receive bonus ALPACA rewards, on top of the leveraged yield farming rewards and trading fees.

Total Rewards: 15,500,000 GQ(~$235k USD)

GQ Token: 0xF700D4c708C2be1463E355F337603183D20E0808

Rewards Period: 8 weeks

Rewards Start Date: May 12th, 2022

Rewards End Date: July 7th, 2022

Distribution Schedule:


To be eligible, you must stake ALPACA in the governance vault during the first 4 weeks of the Grazing Range campaign starting from before May 12th 00:01 UTC until at least June 9th. The NFT tier you receive will be based on the amount of your xALPACA balance during that entire period. (Since xALPACA balance naturally decreases over time, make sure to watch yours)

  • Green Tier: held at least 500 xALPACA
  • Silver Tier: held at least 5,000 xALPACA
  • Gold Tier: held at least 50,000 xALPACA

Based on the economic concept of Play to Earn and Player Driven Economy, the science fiction and fantasy universe arrives to open a new market. Nexxyo Labs, a company located in Navarra, Spain, and Windex Technologies OÜ and its leader and product creator Daniel Valdes, develop the metaverse of Outer Ring MMO SCI-FI, using its mother brand of video games, ManiacPanda Games.

For the first time in the MMO market, a product is presented that changes the paradigm of connectivity by replicating the activities and commercial functionalities that we know in physical life within a virtual world. The video game has its economic system attached to a real economy based on Blockchain through its governance token, Galactic Quadrant (GQ).

Outer Ring MMO proposes a place where the creativity of interaction between any type of entity, small, medium, or large companies or brands and Outer Ring’s product, is infinite — a product with a very optimistic projection to be able to impact new targets and young audiences quickly. The product is also a communication loudspeaker for brands as another tool in their omnichannel strategy.

Have the contracts been audited by professional auditing firms?
Yes, the contracts have been audited by professional firms such as Certik and TechRate. You can find the report of the token here.

What is the project’s inception date?
Galactic Quadrant token was launched on March 3rd, 2022 (deployed on March 1st), but the game has been in development for three years.

Has your project even been involved with a hack of exploit?
We have not suffered any hack or exploit regarding our smarts contracts, but our web has suffered DDOS attacks, which don’t affect the safety of our users´ tokens. From the development team, we are making a priority to audit not only the smart contracts but also the games’ software. Also, seeing recent attacks on social media channels, we are being very careful with the safety of all official accounts.

What safety measures are in place to secure your protocols from centralization risk? What contracts are not under timelock? Who has multi-sig?
To secure protocols from centralization, we use multi-sig to carry out every action involving the GQ token. All the tokens (GQ and in game tokenized materials) are under timelock. Also, the tokens have an access control based on the library Open Zeppelin, since in the future we will need to manage different access allowing other smart contracts to mint the tokens. For example, we need to create smart contracts that interact directly with the video game and the tokens.

Does your token have a maximum supply cap?
Yes, the maximum supply is 10,000,000,000 GQ. If you want to know how our tokenomics are shaped, you can check it here.

Mint function. If Token does not have maximum supply, how is the mint function controlled?
As you can see in our tokenomics, we do have a Max Supply, and it will be filled using a function which is controlled by a modifier that calculates the current total supply plus the new quantity to be minted. If this sum exceeds the maximum limit, the function launches a revert. We take the minting of our tokens really seriously. Many Play to Earn games suffer from poor tokenomics, airdropping, gifting and burning without a plan. In Outer Ring, we are following the tokenomics very carefully.

Centralized treasury. If the protocol collects fees, where do they go and how are they controlled? Is there any kind of treasury or insurance fund under centralized control?
The fees collected goes to an EOA directly, which is completely transparent (0xaAF6B6f4c3a20cae39A25fBcD9617822cd8bf1C7). Everyone can see where the fees collected go, and what they are used for.

Migration Function. Is there a migration function in the code? Why is this there and how to control this function from making a malicious action?
No, a migration function is not needed in any of our smart contracts, neither the token itself nor the ones involved in our DEX and Pools.

Upgradeable contracts. Are the contracts upgradeable? Why is this there and how to control this function from making a malicious action?
Yes, some of the contracts are upgradeable. The use of proxies give us the possibility to fix possible bugs in the code. However, the main token’s contract does not have a proxy because we wanted to secure its immutability, and has been successfully audited.

Third-party risk. What underlying external parties do your contracts rely on?
At the moment, we don’t have third party risk. In the future, we will have to trust some of the Chainlink’s smart contracts used for randomization and price feeds.

Where are tokens currently listed?
For CEXes we are listed on Huobi and Hotbit. For DEXes, we are listed on PancakeSwap, Biswap, Apeswap, etc.

Please briefly describe the utility of your tokens and all the relevant tokenomics (e.g., burn, staking, locking, etc.)
GQ is the governance token, which is used in and out of the game. The token will be burned to move it in-game and minted in the other case. Now, for staking GQ, you can earn other tokens such as in-game resources, SCK tokens to use with loot boxes or partner tokens. Also, in-game tokenized materials play a big role in our ecosystem as they will be used for the crafting of NFTs and must be tradable in-game.

Does your token have any advanced mechanics such as deflationary/rebase/reflexive?
Our tokens get burned once you introduce them inside the game, eliminating them from the circulating supply. Also, after all the vesting periods, the minting will be controlled. Meaning that GQ is deflationary, on the other hand, in-game tokenized materials don’t have a max cap.

Please share your project’s roadmap
Please see our project’s roadmap here.

What % of the token supply is/will be controlled by the team?

  • Now controlled Deployer: 9.83%
  • Fees wallet: 0.2731%.

After the vesting periods the team only controls the fees wallet supply and the team tokens 2% of the max cap with a 3 year locked period + 24 month linear vest. You can see it on our tokenomics page.

What % of the token supply is controlled by investors? What is the token distribution model?
37% of the tokens distributed in vesting periods as follow:

  • Angel Phase 3% 3 month cliff + 18 month linear vest.
  • Seed 10% 5% TGE 12 month + linear vest.
  • Private Sale 20% 6% TGE + 12 month linear vest.
  • IDO 4% 10% TGE + 10 month linear vest.

Please share the profiles of key team members
Here’s our key team members:

What monitoring or controls do you have in place that could catch issues, functions, or delay attacks to protect assets?
We are using Skynet from Certik:

Do you have a bug bounty program in place/planned?
Not at the moment, but we believe it’s a great idea to keep in mind.

Safety practices. Is there someone dedicated to security on the team? Does your git include your test/QA scripts? Describe your current IS/QA processes? Will you commit to auditing your code at least quarterly/semi-annually/annually and for major updates and releases?
A security person will be joining the team soon. Regarding the tests, they are in the repositories. All contracts deployed have been previously audited because we firmly believe that before launching any contract on the blockchain we must have third-party verification.

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