How To BUY NFTs ON OPENSEA | Step By Step Beginners Tutorial! (2022)

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In this video, I’m going to show you how to buy NFT’s on OpenSea step by step. I will help you buy Ethereum from a centralized exchange. Next, I will help you setup your MetaMask wallet and then fund it with some ETH. Lastly, I will show you the two methods available for buying your first NFT from OpenSea.

00:00 – Overview
00:33 – NFT Overview
01:10 – Coinbase & Binance Exchange
01:41 – Buy Ethereum on Coinbase
02:16 – Setup MetaMask Wallet
03:51 – Send Ethereum to MetaMask Wallet
04:40 – Buy NFT on OpenSea Overview
05:40 – Buy NFT (Hard Way)
06:45 – Buy NFT (Easy Way)
07:56 – Criteria for Success

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Minnal Sachu
Minnal Sachu
1 month ago

well explained

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