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How To Find Meme Coins Like Grimace EARLY Using Twitter & Moonarch – Super Beginner Level!

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Want to find meme coins early before they pump? Use this simple crypto Twitter strategy explained in the video. It helped me find coins like Grimace and BnBcat!

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The simple strategy explained in the video… Use THREE Tools on a daily basis, remember consistency is the key with this: – Create an account if you have to! (Follow/switch on notifications for: Elon Musk, Binance and Mcd’s. More accounts to come! for sniping the tokens for a quick entry, and to check whether they are safe! can be used for charts and swapping your tokens from bnb.

The coins explained in the video that blew up were bnbcat and binance cat. Please do not invest in these as the hype is over!

Remember to Time your entry if you do get into a hyped coin from Moonarch. Catbonk was the previous cat token that mooned. I will be making another video on this one, breaking down exactly how I found this gem, and my mistakes as well!

GrimaceCoin was also included in the video. NFA but i would consider getting into Grimace incase the token does some x’s from another mcds tweet – there’s big hype around Grimace!

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1 month ago

Good stuff 👍

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