How To Mint NFT For Beginners (EASY Step By Step Beginners Guide)

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In this video, we will be showing you the step by step guide to mint NFT on opensea. You will also learn how to create a crypto wallet and connect it to OpenSea market place.

00:00 intro
00:20 What is NFT
01:18 Why people buy NFT
02:13 How to buy an NFT On OpenSea
02:58 How to connect OpenSea to metamask wallet
03:37 Browser the OpenSea for NFT collections
04:06 How to Buy NFT or make an offer (pratical)
05:29 How to check gas fee cost
06:03 How to sell NFT
06:37 Advice

This video will show you:
how to buy and sell NFT online
Crypto NFTs
Make money with NFTs
Trading NFTs
Sell NFTs
Buy NFTs
How to Buy and Sell NFTs For beginner guide
How To Make Money With NFTs As A Beginner In 2021 (Easy 7 Minute Guide)
NFT Guide – How to sell your first NFT the EASY WAY for Digital Artists

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