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Is CHURCH DAO a Scam? Checking Alt Coin for Fraud (CRYPTO)

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Checking if CHURCH DAO is a scam, $CHURCH

Description for CHURCH DAO

“Our goal is very simple (and simplified) A decentralized experiment in group conscious and buying. A way to see if we put our heads and votes together, so we can change the world (and the coin industry) We have taken a proven model and made it FUCKING SIMPLE. 1 — Liquidity is deployed for CHURCH. All the supply is in there 1a — Tax was sent to 99% until we were ready, so there were some degen buys which put about 11% the supply to the tax wallet. we will just burn this 2 — Tax is set to sustainable 0.777% 3– True believers buy 4- The top 77 Wallets (The Clergy) are taken in Snapshot and can vote which MEMEcoin to buy with the Tax wallet 5 — After vote, admin buys the token and airdrops proportionally to the 77 wallets from snapshot.”

*This is not professional financial advice, only my personal opinion.*


Ignore :)

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Margo Henry paul
Margo Henry paul
1 month ago

Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis
1 month ago

I just made $15,000 tonight off Church Dao. 👀

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