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Is MUU INU a Scam? Checking Meme Coin for Fraud ($MINU)

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Is MUU INU a Scam? Checking Meme Coin for Fraud ($MINU) (Crypto). Looking into the $MINU Crypto Coin/Token. MUU INU’s website says “Muu Inu is the next meme coin and will be setting the trend.”

*MUU INU website:

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1 month ago

Yo, good evaluation, I’m the dev of Muu inu, we’re not a scam and u might have to clear cache since website seems to have loaded a bit funny on ur evaluation but in general yes, it’s always good to evaluate coins since you never know but this is pretty safe, I have a lot coming to it and we are just about 2 weeks old as you stated 🔥

Eli Richard
Eli Richard
1 month ago

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