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Should I Buy Enjin Coin (ENJ) – Detailed Crypto Analysis 2022

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Enjin Coin is an in-game NFT trading solution on the Ethereum Blockchain that has been experiencing massive gains this December.

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ENJ is designed to make trading NFT’s inside of crypto games easier and Enjin Coin is leading the way in that department.

In this video we discuss the technical analysis on the recent Enjin Coin crash of over 60% in only a few weeks.

Although Enjin Coin has been bloody recently there is still hope in its long term price action due to its use cases and utility.

Disclaimer: Do your own research, this is not investment advice


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Sven Lanckriet
Sven Lanckriet
17 days ago

I’m following you! Great info and good content👍

Nick Hetcher
Nick Hetcher
17 days ago

Appreciate your content bro.

Decentralized Fusion
Decentralized Fusion
17 days ago

Perfect insight, I just made my own video, share the love ;)*,

17 days ago

Thank you man

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