The #Official365 NFT Blueprint For Beginners

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What are NFTs
How to buy an NFT
How to value an NFT
What are the best NFT Projects in 2021
What Discord servers can I follow for NFT information
Protecting your Crypto Currency Assets
What are NFTs?

NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are smart contracts that represent the ownership of unique items (digital art, videos, music, tickets to an event, legal documents, etc.)

When something is “Non-fungible,” it simply means it is unique and cannot be replaced with something else. For example, a dollar bill is a fungible item as one dollar bill can be replaced by another and be considered and worth the same. A “Non-fungible” item outside the crypto world is assets like diamonds, land, and even baseball cards. A Non-fungible item is not interchangeable with other items because of its unique properties.

NFT’s only has one official owner, and the transaction and contract are secured and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

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01:17 Educational purposes and not financial advice disclaimer
04:08 Course Outline
06:20 Introduction
08:20 How to Create Your Account
11:18 Why You Need A Wallet
12:54 Types Of Wallets
16:02 What is an NFT
20:13 Why Market Research Is Important
21:30 Buying NFTs With Ethereum
24:37 Buying NFTs With Solana
26:39 How To Sell Your. NFT
33:16 Knowing When To Sell Your NFT
41:18 How Floor Pricing Works For The NFT Market
48:14 NFT KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
59:21 Different Platforms ForThe Crypto and NFT Space
01:05:04 How To Find NFTs On The Marketplace
01:23:39 How To Scale Up Your Business
01:26:37 NFT Future Potential
01:37:55 Conclusion

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